App design for Smart Cuisine

We helped Smart Cuisine with their web-based app design. They had the idea of a cooking app, allowing chefs to focus on the cooking by providing easy-to-use software for the professional kitchen. Among other things there’s a recipe-generator or your own digital recipe book, the web software calculates both purchase and selling prices of all your ingredients and allows you to share with colleagues.

The idea behind the software

In his years as a SVH Masterchef Anton Dijk saw a lot of money, food and time going to waste in the professional kitchen due to inefficiency, logistic challenges and poor communication. Culinary professionals are constantly under a lot of pressure, creating dishes that are artisanal, qualitative and cost-effective at the same time. So what would happen if there would be an app that helps facing these problems? This question led Smart Cuisine, also working worldwide for Unilever and Electrolux, to the development of a web application that offers different tools to help create efficiency in professional kitchens and the food industry.



“Smart Cuisine turns every professional kitchen into a more efficient one by reducing waste of money, food and time. This easy-to-use app allows chefs to focus on what they do best.”
Wireframes for the UX design of a cooking app

Prototyping the app

We started by exploring how chefs work on an average day, after which we created interface mock-ups and wireframes for each required tool. Subsequently the best ideas were developed into UI designs, based upon the existing corporate identity. During this process we experimented with different app features, such as a recipe generator. We found that the existing concept of Smart Cuisine could benefit from additional functions like sharing interesting articles and recipes with colleagues. Lastly, there was a short period of usability tests to make sure the chefs using this product could easily navigate their way through the program.

“With Smart Cuisine it’s possible to outsource the calculations for your own unique recipes, turning your kitchen into an efficient space.”

Designing the cooking software

Implementing the Smart Cuisine app

After several successful pilots have been tested, Smart Cuisine is now almost ready to be launched. During the pilots the program, including the interface design, has proven to be easy-to-use and has all the necessary tools incorporated one could want as a chef. It is expected that this year chefs and entrepreneurs can start implementing the Smart Cuisine app into their kitchen.


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