Interactive Exercises for SCOOK

‘Interactive Exercises’ from Scook is a digital learning environment, developed as an addition to classroom teaching methods. The renewed experience we designed with ITR8 and Ulrike Küchler allows students to prepare for tests and class work in an interactive and engaging way.

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The Reality

Scook stands for contemporary digital education and is part of the new-business department at Cornelsen, one of the five biggest school book publishers in Germany.
The online platform Scook offers e-books and supplementary educational material for schools. ‘Interactive Exercises’, their digital learning environment, is one of these additions to the taught curriculum.
Yet not as many students as hoped for were using the product, as the exercises weren’t engaging enough to enable frequent use. Scook invited us – in collaboration with ITR8 and Ulrike Küchler – to evaluate the existing experience and develop a new one, including interfaces, based on our analysis.



“Our aim was to create an user friendly experience that fully engages students with the assignment, providing a valuable addition to the curriculum.”

The Approach

First we analysed the existing experience, specifically looking into usability for the students as well as the editors creating the content. We found out that the students didn’t read the instructions, were having trouble following their own progress, and weren’t engaging as much because of  – for example – impracticable assignments or text falling of the screen. These problems occurred due to the limitless options editors had while creating the tasks.

We decided to make as much changes as necessary and as few changes as possible, because people were already working with this product. We did tests with the editors to see if they could create equally good or even better assignments within a new system, working with more constraints to enhance usability for the students.

“The improved design enables editors to create the best possible exercises within an easy-to-use framework, making ‘Interactive Exercises’ an engaging learning platform.”

The Final Design

The Result

The new design was tested with students and editors. Both were positive about the usability and improved design. Editors can now create content within an easy-to-use framework. Students understood better what was expected, and as a result showed more motivation and engagement.  


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