Rethinking the market stall

“This easy-to-use kit makes sure market stalls are better equipped to endure harsh weather conditions”.

One of our newest projects is the ‘Wetter Pro’ upgrade for market stalls. We entered a contest where the assignment was to design a new concept for a market stall.

Due to changes in the climate more and more markets are being cancelled, the main reason being the market stalls’ lack of resistance against strong winds and bad weather. After seeing how markets are built up, observing the stalls in different weather conditions, and asking the vendors what they would change if they could change just one thing, we came up with the ‘Wetter Pro Upgrade’ to equip market stalls with the right tools for severe weather while keeping user-efficiency in mind.
The kit includes simple and effective adjustments for existing market stalls. With the kit the build-up remains efficient, it doesn’t affect storage and handling, and you can easily repair or adjust in case of unexpected changes in the weather. This way our solution becomes a win-win situation for both stall owner and vendor.

With this concept we won second prize at the contest, and recently we have received the cash price for further development. At this point we are looking for a partner to develop our concept into a ready-to-use kit that can thereafter be implemented. We will keep you updated on the progress and more news to come.

Are you that partner? Or just interested in the project?

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